Course Evaluations

Here is the summary report on the student course evaluations: course-evals.pdf.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an evaluation, and for the thoughtful comments.

Projects Posted

Projects and presentations are now posted: Projects.

Congratulations on some excellent projects, many of which I hope and expect will have an impact beyond just this class.

Week 13 Summary

The blog summary for week 13 (End-to-end Encryption) is now posted: Week 13.

Thanks to Team 3 for writing the blog, and to Team 5 for leading!

This week, the final week of the semester, will be project presentations (see Presentations Schecule).

Presentations Schedule

Here’s the schedule for project presentations for the final week:

Tuesday, 4 May

  • Justin, Julia
  • Zoe, Jennifer, Sabrina
  • Mike

Thursday, 6 May

  • Apekchha, Sophie, Rickey
  • Emily, Kelly, Leandra
  • Hana, Christian, Loryn
  • Brock, Mariah, Lauren, Zachery
  • Jordan, Saurav, Alex
  • Wahaj, Alicia, Katie

Week 12 Summary

The blog summary for week 12 (Antitrust Mock Trial) is now posted: Week 12.

Thanks to Team 2 for writing the blog, and to Team 4 for leading!